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Health Care Franchise

Top 6 Reasons Why the Medical Industry is Outsourcing

New York, New York – Providing quality service on healthcare and keeping the costs low is no easy task. For this very reason, the outsourcing healthcare industry has taken a very big turn in the last decade and the process is still growing. Initially, outsourcing was limited to data entry and medical transcription, but now

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The Rise of Telemedicine: $27.3 Billion In 2016

New York, New York – Telemedicine is positively one of the most prevalent fad in digital health in 2015. For giant healthcare groups, mounting telemedicine is a way to reduce costs while bestowing customers with the expediency they desire. Yes, there’s a virtual doctor in the home now. This improves the quality of the healthcare

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What You Need to Know About Telemedicine – In a Nutshell

Telemedicine for most patients, seems a bit taboo and foreign, but the people that feel that way just don’t know enough about the emerging industry. Some people say ignorance is bliss–not when it comes to healthcare. First, patients and providers need to understand the term “telemedicine”. Telemedicine is the “the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of

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GoTelecare is the Fastest Growing Business Opportunity Faced by No One Else In the Industry

GoTelecare, the prevailing comprehensive telehealth and medical billing services in the US is having tremendous growth in a niche by tapping into an industry like no other company has. GoTelecare is the only telehealth and medical billing business opportunity in the US and has yet again, expanded their team. Another addition to their partnership panel

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Healthcare Business Franchise

Why this is the right time to go solo in business

Many a time people back out from buying business partnerships for fear of having to manage a not so agreeable staff. From managerial aspects, customer care to maximizing profits, there are many who believe in operating alone and not deal with employee trouble in the least. If you belong to this school of thought as