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The healthcare system is facing a serious challenge ahead especially in the current scenario. The CMS already decides to remove restrictions allowing Medicare patients with a greater ability to seek treatment from the providers through virtual means.

Telemedicine in the past was greatly restricted to virtual check ins, on site care and services especially in the rural areas. It has opened up horizons for telemedicine services and now providers will have a greater chance of extending care that will help in
♦ Improving patient intake ratio
♦ Reduce operational costs
♦ Eliminate demographic boundaries

Roger Severino, Director of the Department Office for Civil Rights made a statement “We want to empower providers to serve people where they are”. All of these clearly opens up the possibility of telemedicine taking giant strides in the future healthcare delivery system across the US.

The recent announcement made by the CMS to expand financial relief for Medicare providers under the Advanced and Accelerated payment program will boost the confidence, enabling facilities to have the resources for facing the current pandemic situation.

The process involves addressing cash flow issues and extending emergency funding based on historical payments when there is a discontinuity in claims submission/ processing. CMS is expanding the program and the payments can be requested by the hospitals, doctors, DME suppliers as well as other Medicare Part A & B providers and suppliers.

Now is the time for you as a provider to invest in medical billing , find the right resources that can help you improve your cash flow , with specialized practice management approach. Also, telemedicine services and finding a partner that ca extend billing and collections alongside will be a great idea.

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