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It is important to note that rise of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring devices are creating a buzz and providers are in constant need to adopt cutting edge solutions that provides the much needed automation in care management options.

Telemedicine provides the convenience and cost effective approach to the patients and simultaneously helps a practice manage a large patient base. One of the biggest advantages for an aspiring entrepreneur in the healthcare industry is the abundance of technology options and state of the art solutions that are in immediate demand.

A quality healthcare franchise will be providing you an end to end marketing and pre-sales support that will help you in reaching out to the prospects in the best possible manner. If you are planning to work with a healthcare franchise that provides you quality solutions in telemedicine with admirable support plan, you should definitely do more research about the credentials of the company.

Also, it will be a pertinent approach to utilize their best practices toolkit, marketing collaterals and last but not the least lead generation aptitude that helps you to present a strong case and demonstrate how the healthcare franchise has been instrumental in eliminating proven challenge areas for a provider with excellent best practices.

The ideal Healthcare Franchise: GoTelecare

GoTelecare provides you with excellent opportunity with growth and passive residual income as a franchisee and with our excellent pre-sales, account management, lead generation and marketing support; you can be assured that you reach out to prospects that have a genuine interest in our products and services.

Also, the best part of working with GoTelecare is that we provide all the support at zero charges as well as additionally provide you with training help. GoTelecare is a powerful healthcare franchise providing quality solutions in medical billing and telemedicine.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services

GoTelecare offers comprehensive medical billing and collections support with coding, charge posting, claims submission, payment posting, denial management and accounts receivable recovery assistance. We are a next-gen revenue cycle management company that offers standalone medical billing and collections support.

Our practice management assistance will involve scheduling, eligibility verification, prior authorization services and customer care. In fact, we are the only organization that is working with both payers and providers and have great credentials. We provide our specialized services to payers that involve claims adjudication, credentialing, utilization management as well as customer care.