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Only a one time sign up amount, no recurring expenses, leverage on our perfect franchise opportunity. GoTelecare extends your business possibilities with a great healthcare billing business. We are your ultimate growth partner that will accelerate your profits in the best possible manner.

As a next gen medical billing and collections company, we are currently working with leading healthcare payers and providers across more than 28 specialties. Also, we provide our complete support in credentialing and claims adjudication to leading insurance companies.

Great potential for growth with our healthcare billing business

Any channel partner that signs up with us will be assigned a new franchisee with a dedicated sales assistant or lead generation expert who will supply potential leads that can easily be converted into clients by the franchisees.

We provide you with complete on the job training and support and help you in your sales with our complete lead generation, account management, and marketing support. We are an expert in the healthcare billing business that provides exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee.

Make more money with GoTelecare

You will be able to save more with GoTelecare as the entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes. While calculating your income tax, the entire amount is deductible helping you to save more with a healthcare franchise like us! Over the last decade, we have been a pioneer healthcare services company providing standalone support to our clients with end to end revenue cycle management and telemedicine assistance.

One stop telemedicine destination

We provide a robust and comprehensive telemedicine platform that integrates remote patient monitoring, teleradiology, store and forward mechanism, online payment and e-invoices, appointment scheduler with HD video and complete HIPAA compliance with complete operational accountability.

Our clients will be leveraging benefits and reduce their hassles by reducing cumulative patient wait times and increase their outreach without worrying about geographic boundaries.

We provide a fully automated system that monitors patient vitals on a continuous basis and sends instant alerts to the physician’s phone whenever the threshold is breached at any point in time.

Stand alone/ end to end RCM services

Our medical billing and collections will encompass charge posting, medical coding, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, accounts receivable recovery. We provide an end to end support that helps our clients reduce their billing costs by 80% and increase collections by 97%.

Our payer services include claims adjudication, credentialing, utilization management, and customer care. We are partners with major MSO’s, TPA’s of the country that makes us an ideal revenue cycle management destination!

If you need more details about our healthcare billing business, have got questions and want to know about the next steps to a perfect healthcare franchise partnership, reach us out today and our experts will give you a complete guideline on how we provide you unsurpassed business ROI.