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It is now the time for your to become an entrepreneur or someone looking for other avenues of income. Choose a healthcare franchise that will be dealing in standout solutions in revenue cycle management and telehealth. GoTelecare offers promising healthcare business opportunities, offer convincing marketing and pre-sales support.

We help you in with relevant marketing collaterals, case studies, best practices toolkit that gives a clear indication of how we have been instrumental in eliminating proven areas of challenges.

A one-stop Healthcare Franchise

We have been instrumental in reducing the costs of practice management expenses for leading healthcare providers spread across more than 28 specialties. GoTelecare has developed a strong best practices guide with expert account management standards and handling of aging accounts for improved collections. Our team performs task specific functions in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

A strong action plan in training, pre-sales and marketing

Excellent marketing and pre-sales support will be a key attribute for any advanced healthcare franchise these days. Marketing collaterals, a composite best practices toolkit will be giving a clear indication on how the healthcare franchise has been clinical in their assistance to a medical practice for eliminating proven practice management challenges.

GoTelecare offers great healthcare business opportunities with stand out solutions in medical billing services and state of the art solutions in telehealth/ remote patient monitoring devices.

A lot of revenue cycle management companies are already present in the marketplace. While it is true that a lot of them are assuring the prospects about their functional best practices, it is important for you to make the judgment by doing a thorough SWAT analysis.

A critical aspect will be an actionable plan on how they will be instrumental in elevating practice management experience of a medical provider. A specialized extension to existing operations of a medical practice with 100% HIPAA compliance will also hold pertinence.

GoTelecare will be a one stop destination for you to offer you powerful support in marketing, training and lead generation, help you demonstrate better to your prospects as to what difference we bring to the table as a complete healthcare revenue cycle management company. Bring the client onboard while we take care of the rest!