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It is getting increasingly difficult to fill the gap between patient and doctor’s demand as the gap is getting wider every passing day. This usually happens when there is a lack of physicians. Added to this, healthcare providers are losing revenue as their overhead costs are increasing. GoTelecare has created an all inclusive end to end medical billing and telehealth video consultation platform. These services are for healthcare facilities, medical practices and healthcare services organizations to connect with patients.

Information about the Business Opportunity:

1. ZERO operational headache: Your primary objective as a business opportunity would be client acquisition. A part of it would be account management. The corporate back office takes care of the rest while you, the partner can collect the on-going residual income. In this process you do not need to hire any employees and that means you don’t have to pay for their mandatory Obamacare Health Insurance. This means low to no overhead.

2. Telemedicine related services: GoTelecare offers services like training new clients, medical billing, business services, customer support, services related to administration and all day to day operational duties.

3. Medical billing related services: GoTelecare implements strategies for newly acquired clients, including, claims processing, claims adjudication, administrative services, customer support and daily operational responsibilities.

4 points that make selling GoTelecare’s services easy for business partners:

  1. I) We have the ability to collect 97% of the total Account Receivables.
    II) Proactive AR follow up guaranteed to increased revenue collection.
    III) We have excellent references from the CEOs of the eminent hospitals.
    IV) Low total partnership investment with no over-head.

At GoTelecare, our business partners do not have the following expenses, unlike other business opportunities: Health Insurance Premiums, Payroll Costs, Medicare Tax, Human Resources, Employee Attrition, additional Real Estate, and Infrastructure Costs.