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More number of Americans is insured than ever before. A large number of baby boomers are retiring and flooding the system. It is true that medical billing business combines two of the fastest growing industries in the US, IT and healthcare services! The industry at large is expected to double in the next decade as we find more doctors being overworked and underpaid.

Insurance red-tape, changing regulations, 10’s of thousands of new medical codes, new regulation for software and enhancement trends are some of the serious challenges that a practice has to deal. To focus on better care management efforts, extend patient satisfaction, it is important to have the right vision in healthcare revenue cycle management!

On the other hand, rapid advancements in patient ownership of key vitals, rising cumulative wait times of primary care physicians, flexibility for a value based care model, telehealth services are here to stay. Also, remote patient monitoring services helps physicians extend their outreach to a larger patient base. GoTelecare combines state of the art solutions in medical billing and telemedicine with fully automated RCM solutions. We charge only 5% of collections for 90+ days old accounts receivable and ensure an instant reduction of billing costs by 80%.

Also, we have excellent references from over 100’s of clients to support client acquisitions for the licensees. There are no binding contracts and a liability cover of $1 million is extended to the clients for any errors of Omission & Commission from Hiscox/Geico. It is one of a kind healthcare franchise with a unique 2 in 1 model that accelerates growth for everyone. GoTelecare has surely made a name for itself in the competitive landscape.

GoTelecare is a healthcare franchise with a difference! Currently our licensees are earning over $40,000 a month as residual income. For any client acquisition, you will be entitled to 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis which is equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing considering there is no additional future costs.

“We offer one-of-a- kind healthcare franchise opportunity and bring more to the table than our competitors as there are no recurring costs in operations, training & installation, interface set up with free account management/ presales and marketing support. GoTelecare also does the billing & collections for our telemedicine services and our platform is customized/ user friendly to meet a practice’s individual care management mandates. Come and join us for the best passive residual income opportunity in the healthcare business!