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Unique 2 in 1 business opportunity, state of the art infrastructure, cutting edge solutions in medical billing and telemedicine, GoTelecare offers a lucrative healthcare franchise possibility! We offer our comprehensive support in account management, lead generation, pre-sales and training at no additional expenses, helping our channel partners, licensees to earn passive residual income in the best possible manner. As a powerful healthcare services company, we offer unmatched productivity standards with a unique presence across leading healthcare providers and payers.

Some of our licensees are earning much more than $40,000 a month and for any acquisition of clients, we offer licensees earn 20% of the top line on a continuous basis, equivalent to a 50:50 share of profit. Our revenue sharing model is unique with a large number of leaders across the industry looking to join us as we are a one of a kind healthcare franchise.

GoTelecare as a healthcare franchise offers great flexibility, consistency and have over 100’s of clients for supporting client acquisitions for our licensees. There are no binding contracts and with $1/3 million liability insurance support for any errors of omission & commission under Hiscox/ Geico , with a one- time sign up amount, you can leverage our unparalleled training, lead generation, account management support complete free of any additional expenses.

We are currently offering our business opportunities for our licensees, channel partners who will be a part of our family, extending our value proposition in the marketplace. GoTelecare is a next gen healthcare franchise offering great possibilities of reaching unlimited income potential.

The best part, we offer you as our proud channel partners, complete support and a great business opportunity of making it big in the medical billing business world. There are enormous opportunities with rising cumulative wait times, stringent payer guidelines and a need for a perfect medical billing partner, for an improved RCM experience.