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Delivering out of the box RCM support

Awesome. sunknowledge team continue to do a great job.

A complete AR collection support

You guys are so quick with getting this completed! Thank you so much!

Task Specific Pre Billing Support

Excellent job on determining the practitioner for E***** P******, .Also I’m glad things are making more sense and understanding that if there is no cost to us on items we leave them off.

Unparalleled support as an operational arm

I would like to say how fortunate we are to have SUNKNOWLEDGE as a part of our daily operations.It has been a game changer for all of our clinics. This has freed up and allowed our clinical staff to spend more time on direct patient care, and daily tasks. We can not begin to thank

Game changer in prior authorization services

Partnering with SUNKNOWLEDGE to complete prior authorizations has been a “game changer” for our organization. It is clear that you are truly committed to serving us with trust and excellence.

A Robust team for all prior authorization requirements

I just want to let you know you guys crushed it today with the auths! I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from my team. Thank you for all your help.

A reliable operational extension

We’re extremely pleased with the service we’ve received from SunKnowledge. SK has become an integral part of our operation and we look forward to expanding the relationship as opportunities present themselves.

Experienced AR team for better collections

I find everyone to be open, thoughtful and eager to understand our accounts receivable methods and requirements. The team is receptive and readily accepts instruction. The team members make thorough, thoughtful efforts to understand denials, and work logically toward resolution. I am happy to be working with the team and look forward to fruitful results.

Versatile team of Medical billers

The team performed very well! Congratulations to all of you.

Sunknowledge has Met or Exceeded My Expectations at Every Turn

Hi S****a, My team at SunKnowledge has met or exceeded my expectations at every turn. This is an incredibly complicated industry, mistakes are inevitable, but I am so impressed with S***n, P*****m, A*****t, and V****a in their ability to adapt to new rules and correct past mistakes. The level and quality of communication is excellent.

I am So Glad That Sunknowledge with Us

B*****k, I know you’ve had a lot of extra work lately with the staff changes at GP and that we are not meeting the things you need from us to do your job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I wanted to thank you for hanging in there with us and for all your extra

A one stop destination for both pre/post billing activities

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your recent work on both the pre-billing and billing side. It couldn’t have been easy training someone on pre-billing while transitioning to a more complex role in billing, but you did a great job with both. I greatly appreciate your hard work and

Faster AR recovery

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your work so far! AR collections really look incredible and clearly reflects your hard work! Keep it up!

Seamless business transition capabilities

It has been a pleasant experience working with SK over the past few months. The transition has been very smooth. The team is adaptable and quick to learn the new projects we continuously add on. We are very pleased with the teams work and daily progression thus far. SK has surpassed our goals and expectations.

Unparalleled communication best practices

THANK YOU FOR APPLYING THE RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OUR MEETING GREAT JOB! I shared this with all the managers here at the local office!

Team with the highest productivity

Sounds good. I’m happy to share with her the great work You and the rest of your team does for us.

Unparalleled Operational transparency

I appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing and the attention to detail that you consistently provide! Keep up this great work and I know that we will continue to improve and grow working as a team!

Highest productivity metrics in the RCM world

I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing on the coinsurance claims! You are really making a difference!

Excellent Support In Medical Billing Services

I can’t say it often enough, you guys make such fantastic teammates! Thank you so much for getting through all those large sales orders this afternoon and with time to spare. You are excellent.

Great Team to work with

I just wanted to inform you that we have selected your team to specifically target our best opportunities for past due leads. Your team was selected for this project since you guys are truly the key players in our success! Please relay to your entire team how impressed we are with all of you, and

Dedicated support in pre billing requirements

Thank you for reaching out this afternoon.We would absolutely like to adopt your recommendation regarding the use of the authorization and admin notes forms for diabetic shoe patients with Medicare. Thank you for thinking outside of the box in ways that helps us prevent errors in our pre-billing and claims process. It’s very nice to

Task specific support in Denial Management

I want to reach out and let you know how excited my supervisor and I, are about the presentation of the monthly AR report and ideas for using the report to work denials. We love the idea of identifying denial patterns and attacking them all at once and we immediately see the value in identifying

Excellent Communication Best Practices

We are very pleased with the service provided. Everyone is so nice and very helpful. Thank you.

Excellent support in collections & recovery

We received a payment from Medicare today totaling almost 93k!!! We haven’t seen a payment like this in a while. Let’s keep this momentum going!

Best DME Billing Service Provider

We’re very pleased with your teams progression. Keep up the great work!

A one stop Orthotics & prosthetics billing hub

I know it’s a lot and we still have a long way to go, but it’s great to see the team noticing so many patterns and posing solutions in order to get claims paid. Thanks for your hard work. It’s a pleasure working with you.

A Complete RCM Destination

We are very happy with Sunknowledge, everything going very smooth. Sunknowledge team is very much knowledgeable, precise and professional.

A dedicated TEAM for a better operational performance

What an incredible finish of a short month. We hit our February New conversion rate of 86% and were just shy 7% of our past due goal conversion percentage. The company witnessed the way that everyone pulled together and pushed to achieve our overall target of 6800!!!!! It’s nothing less but a spectacular job well

Excellent Account Management

It is a pleasure to chat with you Guys. So far I am very happy with my Sun Knowledge team. They are great communicators. I know I will be able to get a hold of them whenever I need them.

Task Specific Accounts receivable collections

Thanks for the great work done by Sunknowledge on our accounts receivable recovery!

A dedicated TEAM for a better revenue

Thank you for the great job last week with the patient entry!

Reliable Operational Extension

I just want to say what a fabulous job your team is doing S****. Special thanks to D***, M**** and P**** for job well done. Whenever I need help, I know I can count on you and your team. Keep up the good work.

A powerful team in collections

Just want to share that we passed the $1 Million mark in cash collections for the month of January 2019! A big thank you to the Sunknowledge team for doing a great job at billing and getting cash in the door!

Dedicated pool of trained staffs

I would like to compliment our new staff members for getting off to a really great start! Many thanks to the Sun Knowledge training team for getting them ready and assisting with all new tasks. Keep up the great work!!

Great Company to Work with

We are so glad to see that working with Sun knowledge is not a loss. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Practice Management/Revenue Cycle Management Support

I wanted to let you know that the SK Collection team had a great month in January 2019! The amount that was collected this month was a record for the SK group. We are very excited by this and hope to see these numbers continue in the future months. Please pass on the message to

Unparalleled Business Transition Capabilities

I want to thank everyone for the WONDERFUL Godiva Chocolate Truffles that you sent to us. They were absolutely delicious. I want to take a moment and tell you again how fortunate we are to have found your group. It has made such a wonderful difference in our clinic, and has also relieved a great

A 100% HIPAA-HITECH Company

The collection team is consistently doing better each month which is fantastic! We have witnessed about an 8 claim increase per collector each time and an average of almost 1000 more claims each month! Keep up the great work and I truly appreciate all this hard work paying off!

Seamless Communication Standards

Sunknowledge Team is doing a great job on our AR work.

A Next Gen Medical Billing And Collections Company

R*** and S**** and the team are doing a great job. If there was something that we think they should be doing that they aren’t, believe me, we’d tell them!

Great Experience Working With

Absolutely! It’s been a great experience working with you and the Sunknowledge team.

Unparalleled Business Transition Capabilities

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Earlier this week we received payment for a claim that had already been written off. I’m not sure who all worked on this claim that was eventually paid, but your work is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Great Team To Work With

I have gone through the collectors claims that they worked yesterday and firstly want to say great job! Everyone was at 40 claims or more for the day and that’s outstanding! Every day we get better and better so let’s keep up the great work! Overall everyone had great accuracy once again and that has

Streamlines Revenue Cycle With Specialized Intervention

Hi Team, Just wanted to thank you all for doing such an amazing job. You are all truly appreciated. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!

CPAP Compliance Support Translating To Better Collections

Just wanted to let you know P**** did a great job working on a patient. He stayed on them & was instrumental in the phone appeal were we finally got them to approve it for payment. We will be getting paid $6,*** today. Great job P**** & thanks for all your help

Offers Best Price In The Marketplace

I hope this e-mail finds you all well on our one year anniversary of working together. I wanted to take a moment and thank each one of you for your hard work over the past year. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you on a daily basis. We have

Excellent Relationship Management/Round The Clock Support

I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we really appreciate everything you have done for us. The accounts are always worked diligently and timely. We thank you for all that you do for us.

Enviable Track Record Of Not Losing A Client

I wanted to compliment your team for all their hard work. This makes our job at A***** Center run smoother. I am so content with how open your employees are to any changes to help us. In the short amount of time that we have worked together we are very pleased. Thank you

A Next Gen Medical Billing And Collections Company

Dear Sun Knowledge team, I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the one year anniversary of our working together and to thank each and every one of you for the hard work and dedication that you have committed to this project. My team always has great things to say about the working relationship with

Great Team To Work With

I have gone through the collectors claims that they worked yesterday and firstly want to say great job! Everyone was at 40 claims or more for the day and that’s outstanding! Every day we get better and better so let’s keep up the great work! Overall everyone had great accuracy once again and that has

Excellent Practice Management/Revenue Cycle Management Support

Hope all is well. I just want to say thank you for all the hard work and professionalism your team is delivering. We feel that with your help, we can really turn our business around. Pr****m is always available to answer questions and concerns. We appreciate that so much. I tell him all the time

Seamless Communication Standards

Just wanted to let you know that you and your team did a great job on many levels today. Keep up the good work superman.

Thanks Again For All You Do

You and your team are doing a wonderful job ! We are very fortunate to have Sun Knowledge and your expertise in the authorization process. Thanks again for all you do !

Highly Recommend GoTelecare

Thank you so much! this is very helpful. We are putting together a binder with our protocols and procedures in place with steps on the billing process. ( what happens when and the order ) we would like it all layed out from start to finish. So when and if a transition takes place we

Highly Recommend GoTelecare

I spoke with a patient yesterday who reported that Sun Knowledge called her regarding her balance and the person she spoke to was polite and friendly. We’ve also had some patients contact us to schedule appointments for additional services. Thank you so much for treating our patients with kindness and directing them to contact us

A 360 Degree Revenue Cycle Management Action Plan

Thank you very much for your support on our call yesterday with Dr. *******. It went very well and he followed up with a text message to me stating that fact. Your professionalism and comfort with the process was well received and I really appreciated your support. Thank you very much and have a great

Drives ROI With Customized Medical Billing

S****** has surpassed his monthly goal and S**** is right behind him!! And, we still have 12 days left in the month! Please extend my deepest gratitude and let them both know how impressed we all are! They are proving this is a job extremely well done and we couldn’t thank them enough for their