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At minimal recurring costs, a one-time set up cost, all our channel partners, franchisees are entitled to a great business opportunity. You will be getting exciting opportunities not only in medical billing but also our stand alone services in telemedicine.

GoTelecare can surely be called the next gen healthcare services company, offering you best opportunities in healthcare billing business. We are quite unique with our admirable presence, great credentials of working with both healthcare providers and payers.

Anyone who is looking to make it big in the healthcare billing business, GoTelecare will be your ultimate destination. Our biggest advantage, we provide you great pre-sales and marketing support, available for you at zero charges. For the last 10 years, GoTelecare has been a cutting edge medical billing and collections company also providing great solutions in the telemedicine space. We work on a franchise model of engagement and have a great network of channel partners, who will be entitled to all the support that they need to expand our as well as their business possibilities.

We provide you complete marketing and pre-sales support at zero charges. We welcome aspiring business owners, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs to become a part of the GoTelecare and leverage on the edge that we bring as a powerful healthcare franchise! Franchisees enjoy a substantially higher net residual income with no additional expenses and zero headache. No recurring costs beyond one time sign up fees. GoTelecare’s very own medical billing & coding team takes care of everything and processes orders on behalf of the franchisee at an incredibly low, flat hourly rate!

Let us provide you a demonstration and share with you on how we work. You can be rest assured that once you start working with us, our lead generation, account management, marketing and training support is of the highest standards, helping you earn business dividends in the best possible manner. Gotelecare is your one stop destination for earning a great healthcare billing business.