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Over 7 years in the DME/Orthotics & Prosthetics space, GoTelecare is a next gen medical billing and collections company. Independent contractors can benefit hugely by partnering with us, leveraging our relationship with the biggest names in the DME/Orthotics and Prosthetics segment. We provide our stand alone/ end to end revenue cycle management assistance cutting across more than 28 specialties on a coast to coast basis.

A Dynamic DME / Orthotics and Prosthetics billing destination

We have over 100’s of references from leading industry participants, who will tell you how effective we have been in demystifying the proven challenges in medical billing and consequent reimbursements. We are working with major insurance companies helping them in their claims adjudication, credentialing mandates, giving us the edge to provide tailored services.

Independent contractors and sales people will get all the presales and marketing support from the corporate office. We will be providing you complete assistance that you need with your lead generation, training and account management needs, and will help you close deals with the ones that have a genuine need in our services.

Great support and incentives available

We are well versed with all the prominent practice management and billing software in the marketplace, making us a champion medical billing and collections company. All the independent contractors will be able to generate revenue for them as well as for us with our extended support that is unparalleled in true sense. All our independent contractors will be able to reap full benefits and enjoy almost 10% of the top line every month.

We are working with leading clients in the DME space, and will provide you all the support that you need in the DME/ Orthotics and Prosthetics space. You can choose your own territory, work at your own hours and will enjoy full benefits.
Just initiate the discussion and channelize our credentials and you will be good to go. We are looking for serious professionals that have a genuine background in the medical industry, who will be able to take maximum advantage of our great track record while simultaneously, utilize their own experience.

Work with us!

We have a lot of 1099 contractors working for us, making money and using their experience and our expertise to bring in clients. One thing is for certain, if there is a genuine need, we are there with you to close it! In fact, we have a large number 1099 contractors working with us and earning more than $20,000 a month. Yes, you heard us right!

We are looking for promising individuals, veteran sales men who are looking to make a difference in the marketplace. Accelerate your income opportunities with us. We are a one stop destination for exclusive DME/Orthotics and Prosthetics billing and reduce operational costs by 70% while increasing collections by 97%.

Want to know more about us! We are happy to share with your our best practices. Let us work together and make a genuine difference in the competitive landscape. GoTelecare will be your mentor, partner and guide at all times!