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Healthcare faces challenges especially in rural areas. Diabetes and chronic heart diseases are the main concerns for rural areas, as the population has not got much support compare to their urban counterparts. Near about 25% population of US stays in rural areas and physicians available for them is nearly 9%. In less than 5 years the country is going to face a severe shortage of doctors.

1. Better utilization of time: The use of telemedicine helps to avoid patient transportation time as well as the cost revolving this. Telemedicine sessions comes with allotted time period, a patient typically pays for it; this way you can see a lot more patients as the sessions are less-likely to run over time.

2. New revenue model: The younger generation who is always ready to do some experiment to make their work flow smooth will find telemedicine worthy as it offers a new revenue model and faster ROI. Patients prefer convenience and this is a kind of service which will draw bigger patient pull.

3. Referrals get you more business: Patients are likely to tell their social circles when they get a positive response from the telemedicine service. That includes people who don’t even stay near your office, but the word of mouth will get you possible customers. In fact, you can invite specialists via telemedicine without referring the patients to another specialty clinic.

4. Prescriptions: Telemedicine is able to add personal touch to the prescription when it needs to refilled for their convenience. If the patients are not happy with the results, you can ask them the outcomes and change the prescription accordingly.

5. Follow up: There is always a chance that patients might miss follow ups for various reasons. With telemedicine, you can keep a tab on them.