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Many a time people back out from buying business partnerships for fear of having to manage a not so agreeable staff. From managerial aspects, customer care to maximizing profits, there are many who believe in operating alone and not deal with employee trouble in the least.

If you belong to this school of thought as well, it is time to rejoice!

Ask us why? Well, it’s like this: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pulling out all stops to raise the minimum wage of thousands of workers in the fast food segment. While we respect Mr. Cuomo’s humanitarian concerns, we are also concerned about the implications of such a sensitive issue on you, the business partner.

Unrest in the form of boycotts, walkouts, and strikes, are perhaps manageable. But more often than not dissatisfied workers resort to violent measures such as vandalism and sabotage. So why go into all that trouble in the first place?
Agreed, the first thing that comes to your mind every time the word ‘partnership’ is mentioned is the ever-growing presence of the fast food industry. But if you want to run a business opportunity alone and stay away from the herd mentality, then the Governor’s proposed minimum wage structure plan ought to be reason enough to stick to your plan!

Remember being a one-man-army is not an easy task. It will perhaps require more than 100 percent commitment from you to ensure your business unit is a success. On the upside, owning a partnershipthat doesn’t require employees gives you the best of both worlds: there’s no staff to manage and yet you benefit from the strength of a trusted brand, which an independent business person can never take advantage of.