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Great track record across the healthcare industry, working with both healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction, GoTelecare is a powerful medical billing and collections company. We are currently working with major healthcare providers providing them our complete support in revenue cycle management priorities across more than 28 specialties.

Also, we are helping major insurance companies in their credentialing and claims adjudication mandates. It gives us the edge to manage all the practice management/ revenue cycle management challenges of a healthcare provider better than anyone else.

We are currently looking for aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs and franchisees that will be a part of our team and will be working with us, extending our medical billing solutions. As a competitive healthcare billing franchise, we will be providing all the support that you need to make a genuine closure. GoTelecare has a comprehensive plan of action with presales and marketing that allows our franchisees to earn business dividends in the best possible manner.

We will also be providing you a comprehensive training, account management and lead generation support. All our franchisees will be assigned a dedicated lead generation specialist, responsible for providing leads that have a genuine interest in our medical billing services. As a dynamic healthcare billing franchise, we will be adding value by providing you the needed assistance; you need for your closures.

If you want to know about our business model, we are just a call away! We will be working as your mentor and will be providing you all the marketing collaterals that you need for your daily sales closures. Work with us, and become part of a robust healthcare billing franchise that will be enhancing possibilities of earning huge passive residual income with no hidden associated fees.

At a onetime sign up amount, with no recurring fees and expenses, you will be a part of a healthcare franchise that provides you complete support in pre-sales and marketing. Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity now!