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GoTelecare Healthcare Franchise

Robust processes and smart automation in cutting edge platforms make us the preferred gen-next Healthcare Franchise partner for everybody. We are the only company that combines Remote Patient Monitoring and Revenue Cycle Management, with a critically acclaimed Telemedicine platform. Also, our flexible model of engagement, and low prices, help you gain ROI consistently from your partnership.

Revenue Cycle Management

GoTelecare provides excellent healthcare franchise opportunities for its end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services. We have proven expertise and are claims adjudication partners for leading Payers across the US. Over the years, we have also been setting the benchmark with our quality Practice Management methods. Franchisees will be fully equipped to start helping healthcare practices collect from more revenue from their insurance claim submissions and eliminate loopholes in their claim management process. Also, our expert team in AR collections will help in realizing up to 97% in collections.

Remote Patient Monitoring

As a HIPAA compliant telehealth company, GoTelecare provides lucrative opportunities in the segment of Remote Patient Monitoring. It provides real-time tracking and transmission of patient vitals to the doctor. Our telemedicine platform seamlessly integrates the RPM functionality, helping doctors stay in touch with their patients 24/7 and provide consultations whenever necessary. GoTelecare has transformed the way conventional clinics work, by virtualizing operations with the help of devices that are automated, well connected and designed to share streamlined information. Our RPM system records vitals like EKG, Pulse, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Temperature & SpO2 (or oxygen saturation in blood, using Pulse Oximeter), and built to perform accurately across various platforms.


GoTelecare’s telemedicine platform has practically abolished geographical barriers and has brought patients and caregivers closer than ever. Our experts have implemented their sound understanding of the immediate requirements of the industry. GoTelecare’s telemedicine platform helps doctors schedule, and provide, medical consultation to remote patients, in a secure, HIPAA compliant and highly convenient virtual space. This is the future of healthcare, and by becoming a business partner, you too can be a part of this exciting tomorrow.

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  • Phone: (917) 565-8683
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