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"GoTelecare welcomes you to a unique business opportunity that combines a state of the art Telemedicine platform, featuring a cutting-edge Remote Patient Monitoring service, with fully automated Revenue Cycle Management"
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Healthcare Franchise

Revenue Cycle Management

GoTelecare provides excellent franchise opportunities for its end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services. We have proven expertise and are claims adjudication partners for leading Payers across the US.

Remote Patient Monitoring

As a HIPAA compliant telehealth company, GoTelecare provides lucrative opportunities in the segment of Remote Patient Monitoring. It provides real-time tracking and transmission of patient vitals to the doctor.


GoTelecare's telemedicine platform has practically abolished geographical barriers and has brought patients and caregivers closer than ever. Our experts have implemented their sound understanding of the immediate…..

A Next-Gen Healthcare Franchise Opportunity

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GoTelecare welcomes you to be a part of an exciting Healthcare Franchise opportunity that combines a cutting-edge Remote Patient Monitoring (mHealth) service, with a state-of-the-art Telemedicine platform, and end-to-end Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management.

If you are a motivated entrepreneur who thrives on business development, wants zero operational headache, is curious about telemedicine's explosive national growth, and interested in generating on-going, perpetual residual income - this is the right opportunity for you!

The GoTelecare Advantage

GoTelecare combines exclusive telehealth and medical billing solutions that gives your clients a viable growth potential. You will get end to end pre-sales and marketing support with a dedicated account management expert assigned to you.

2 in 1 business opportunity

Scalable telemedicine and healthcare revenue cycle management solutions under one roof

Presales/Marketing Support

All our channel partners will be leveraging from our lead gen, training & marketing assistance available at no additional expenses.

One time sign up amount

A one time sign up amount will entitle our partners earn consistent avenues of residual income.

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