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GoTelecare is a proven market player with state of the art solutions in telehealth and medical billing. We are a quality solution provider to leading healthcare providers and payers with our disciplined processes and excellent resources.Are you looking to make your presence felt by starting on your own? The healthcare industry especially the services segments of telemedicine and medical billing will be offering you exciting growth opportunities.

  • We have zero charges for our support and you have an opportunity to earn passive residual income even while working on your full time professional commitments. Our account management assistance program will help you in retention and earning residual income all along the lifetime of the account.
  • We are sending all our channel partners, franchisees a strong message “You take care of the client acquisition, the rest will taken care by us”. Testimonials, case studies and last but not the least a defined vision for cost reduction provides the momentum for better closures.
  • Today, a powerful healthcare franchise will combine solutions that help a practice elevate their care management efforts. Providing an integrated platform that sets the stage and a perfect virtual medical consulting experience, it is going to get even bigger!
  • Some high points will surely be extra incentives and a complete passive residual income generation possibilities for experienced healthcare professionals. It sends a strong statement that you will find a mentor, a company that believes in making an integral team.

A possible franchisee should be getting a consistent support from the company they are working with a complete training and assistance model that is flexible. GoTelecare sets the standards with state of the art solutions in medical billing services to leading providers across more than 28 specialties.

We are currently working on a franchise mode of engagement; provide the right tone of support in pre-sales and marketing. Partner with us, drive your ROI and find yourself a reliable healthcare franchise for earning consistent residual income in best proportions. Gotelecare is your one stop destination for exclusive business growth with our stand alone/ end to end medical billing services.