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Work the hours that you want! GoTelecare offers a truly unique “2 in 1” business opportunity that encompasses both telemedicine and medical billing. We ensure your success with complete pre-sales and marketing support as a powerful medical billing franchise, GoTelecare has been a proven solution provider of cutting edge revenue cycle management assistance for over 10 years. We are partner with leading providers and payers, helping them in their practice management/revenue cycle management, credentialing and adjudication priorities.

A complete medical billing destination

You will work with a leading medical billing franchise that is setting the trend with expert resources, state of the art processes and bettering financial reimbursements. We will have a highly effective lead generation model and provide you with qualified leads that have a genuine interesting our services.

We pay for a digital marketing specialist who will be assigned to you. Our channel partners and franchisees can leverage our account management resources, training, and marketing support (digital marketing, social media marketing) at no additional cost!

No Monthly National Contribution or Costs Involved

Yes, that correct! GoTelecare offers something that no other healthcare franchise will offer you. We exceed the industry standards with our top-notch pre-sales and marketing support, giving you an ideal platform to earn passive residual income. All our clients are covered under Hiscox insurance, with liability coverage of $1 million for any errors of omission and commission. Also, we are working with one of the best legal firms, Nixon Peabody providing complete assistance with any potential legal issues.

Business transition is a cakewalk with GoTelecare

At no recurring costs and easy implementation, we provide a level of comprehensive support that none of our competitors offer. You get access to our references from healthcare industry leaders at no additional cost.

Forno monthly contribution, we will provide you with a compelling low-cost medical billing franchise opportunity. If you are looking to make your presence felt in the medical billing landscape, get in touch with GoTelecare today! Our team provides you a level of comfort, flexibility, and a smooth transition process that is unheard of in the present healthcare franchise marketplace.

GoTelecare is very unique because our telemedicine services are fully integrated with our healthcare revenue cycle management solutions. Receive substantial business dividends from recurring consultations and billing needs.