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Partner with GoTelecare! We are a one stop destination for stand out services in medical billing and telemedicine. Over the years, we have been working with leading healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction. In fact, we are the only healthcare revenue cycle management company that is currently providing excellent opportunities of a great medical billing business for all our channel partners.

All our franchisees, channel partners will be immensely benefitted from our streamlined action plan in sales and marketing. The GoTelecare corporate will be responsible for providing all the assistance with marketing collaterals, presentations. All our franchisees will be assigned a dedicated lead generation specialist, responsible to share validated leads, having a genuine interest in our services. Also, we will be providing a comprehensive training, great plan for a better closure and help you with the required product knowledge.

If you are looking to make it big in the medical billing business, leverage the GoTelecare advantage right now. We drive your residual income; help you with better ROI with our complete marketing and pre sales assistance. At all times, we will be working as your ideal mentor, helping you to accelerate your business growth in best proportions.

You have a great chance of working with a promising medical billing business, setting the trend with expert resources, state of the art processes, bettering financial reimbursements. We will help in reducing the gap between closures with our dedicated lead generation model, helping you with qualified leads that have a genuine need for our kind of services. We provide a perfect destination with an integrated solution in telemedicine and medical billing.

Let us share with you our great credentials, extensive support plan that will help you earn consistent residual income. We will be your ideal healthcare franchise, providing all the support that you need with a unique 2 in 1 business model combining state of the art solutions in medical billing services and telemedicine. Reach out to GoTelecare for quality healthcare billing business opportunities. Complete Presales and marketing support at no hidden charges, that’s the GoTelecare edge!

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