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Today the medical billing franchise is a multi billion dollar industry, as companies and health care practices are seen more relying on billing franchisee for their billing needs; since for small business hiring billing services for managing and compensating employees can be extremely challenging.

Though the billing industry can be highly competitive but for new aspirants, it is a way to find great success operating a billing business.

How GoTelecare as a Medical Billing Franchise can help:

Allowing flexible work schedule at your own convenience, GoTelecare medical billing franchisee helps in managing business remotely. Being an unique medical billing and telemedicine platform, GoTelecare as a medical billing franchisee in fact has benefits like:

♦ 80% operational cost reduction and 30% reduction in your account receivable bucket within first month itself
♦ 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing, coding and collection process
♦ No cost dedicated account manager
♦ Highest productivity metric in the market
♦ $1/$3 million liability insurance support for any error of omission and Commission under HISCOX / GGEICO
♦ 100s of excellent client reference
♦ No binding contract and thirty days of free trial

In fact, ensure one on one training facilities with added backend support along with all required marketing materials, customized presentation based on your requirements, GoTelecare platform with complete business strategy helping your business grow.

Furthermore offering validated lead making it easier for you to close and for your business profitability, we also offer excellent industry reference and credibility that not only help your business grow but make a name in the comparative landscape.

Helping you earn 20% of the top-line on a continuous basis which compare 50% of the top line, partnering with us will also get you started in the right direction for a successful future.

Helping you earn as high as $40,000 per month, we also assist in collecting of on-going residual income every month with no overhead cost.

So if you are looking for an opportunity with better ROI, GoTelecare is the perfect opportunity helping you build a successful medical billing franchise business.