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Today with the increasing demand for medical billing outsourcing options and especially in this pandemic crisis, a medical billing franchise is an enormous business opportunity. And GoTelecare is here, providing you with the opportunity.

Helping you get started on the right track with the proper back end support by providing you with extensive assistance along with no cost dedicated account manager. GoTelecare expert helps you with validated lead generation. Assisting you with every step on your business growth with a host of support with an exclusive presentation, marketing collaterals that you need, we provide you with a complete pre sales support.

With no royalty fees, we providing validated leads making it easier to close and help your business to grow along with benefits like:

Flexible approach –

Partnering with us not only gives the opportunity to work freely anywhere and anytime at your own convenience but also complete training for all new aspirants who have no previous experience and looking to grow in the field of healthcare domain with instant credibility.

Opportunity for efficient cash flow –

Helping you earn 20% of the top-line on a continuous basis which will be 50% of the top line, GoTelecare best has able to earn as high as and even more than $40,000 per month.

With one time sign up and no cost dedicated account manager assisting you with your collecting of on-going residual income every month with no overhead business model, GoTelecare platform brings you with an opportunity that you have always desired for.

Being a unique 2 in 1 opportunity under one roof with a combining of medical billing and state-of-the-art telemedicine services featuring remote patient monitoring, GoTelecare is the platform giving you a better ROI opportunity for more than a decade today.

In fact, with excellent industry references, we are counted as one of the top medical billing franchise opportunity for those who are looking for a name in the healthcare space.

So if you are looking to improve your cash flow, get in touch with one of our GoTelecare experts and you no longer have to further worry about your financial standing. For more information, we are just a call away!