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If you are looking for serious business opportunities that will help you grow, partner with GoTelecare. Let us work together as a team and make a difference. The biggest reason to choose us as your best franchise opportunity will be our pre-sales, marketing, training, lead generation and account management support that is available for all our franchisees free of any further charges.

Only a one time sign- up amount, no recurring expenses, we will be your ultimate healthcare franchise that will facilitate your business growth.

Partner with GoTelecare if you are looking for serious business opportunities that will help you grow. . Let our team give you a demonstration about our processes, partnership models, best practices and you will never regret the immense business opportunity that we offer as a healthcare franchise. GoTelecare has no hidden charges and royalty fees attached with our services and will make sure that as a franchisee you get whatever support and mentorship to excel in the competitive landscape.

Zero charges on marketing and pre-sales

Our training will give you a clear picture on how we have been instrumental in eliminating proven pain points in care and practice management for medical providers. Our references, credentials are top class and we match our client’s expectations in providing the much needed automation in operational priorities of a medical practice.

GoTelecare is a dynamic healthcare services company dealing in telemedicine and revenue cycle management services. Channel partners, franchisees will be thrilled to know that they will be entitled to thrilling business opportunities in the medical billing world, receive excellent pre-sales and marketing support. We will be providing dedicated account management support, marketing approach using the latest digital channels that will guarantee business ROI, drive your growth possibilities. . Our experts are ready to give you a demonstration and our unique 2in1 partnership in telemedicine and medical billing services.

Unique 2 in 1 opportunity

Over the last 10 years, GoTelecare has been a prominent player in the healthcare services space. The company has been providing powerful solutions in telemedicine and medical billing, to leading providers of the country. We work on a franchise model of engagement; have a complete network of channel partners, franchisees that help them extend their value proposition in the best possible manner. We are looking for promising franchisees that will help us extend our value proposition. We will be offering great avenues of earning passive residual income as a competitive healthcare franchise.