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GoTelecare is unique with integrated solutions in telemedicine and medical billing. You have the possibility of making it huge in the healthcare billing business by partnering with us. Earning huge business dividends as well as a regular income with recurring billing and telemedicine consultations will be a cake walk.

We believe in providing you the ideal foundation as a powerful healthcare franchise. We set the benchmark with our extended plan of action that no other competitor in the healthcare franchise landscape can offer you at the moment.

We provide complete protection to all of our clients with a liability cover of $1 million for any chances of errors of omission and commission. As a powerful medical billing franchise, we are going to provide you complete marketing and pre-sales support.

Huge Advantage with our pre-sales support for free

All our channel partners as well as franchisees will be able to leverage huge advantage with our complete account management, training as well as lead generation plan. All the support with marketing support will be handled by the corporate entity itself, helping you enhance possibilities of closures.

We provide you a great low cost healthcare franchise at no monthly contribution. You will also be provided references from leading industry participants in the healthcare space at no additional expenses. We will be providing you a smoother business transition, flexibility with processes that is quite unheard today in the healthcare franchise business.

Reducing the gap between your sales closures will be our responsibility! As a franchise, GoTelecare will be providing all that you need so that you are able to make closures and bring clients on-board with our disciplined support. Work at your own hours! Enhance your business opportunities with a unique 2 in 1 approach offered by GoTelecare!

We will be providing you consistent avenues of earning passive residual income with our complete support. As a next gen healthcare franchise, we will make sure that we work together and improve possibilities of capitalizing on the immense market potential available currently. At just a one-time sign up , we are going to provide you great viability with a profitable healthcare billing business.