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A unique 2 in I model combining medical billing and telemedicine services, GoTelecare is a pioneer healthcare services company. We believe in working as a reliable operational extension for some of the largest clients in DME, O&P, Urgent Care, Physician practices, Dermatology centers, Radiology outfits and many more. Our team delivers task specific support in both front as well as back end RCM services at the best price in the market.

As a perfect operational extension, our team has the ability to offer seamless support across any billing systems and offer stand alone/ end to end revenue cycle management services in healthcare. We promise an instant reduction of billing costs by 80% with a first pass collection rate of 97% and deliver specific support in eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Also, we cater services in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring devices that reduce cumulative wait times of patients and help us in delivering a complete RCM experience for our clients.

As a medical billing business opportunity, a large number of CEO’s, CFOS’s and healthcare entrepreneurs are looking to join us primarily due to our unique position in the competitive landscape with an ability to offer state of the art support in pre-sales and marketing without any additional expenses. We also render account management, lead generation, training and marketing support without any recurring charges and by paying a one-time sign up amount.

We have a great revenue sharing model as a complete medical billing business with our licensees entitled to a 20% of the top line on an ongoing basis that is equivalent to a 50:50 revenue sharing model. We offer state of the art support in telemedicine and revenue cycle management and charge only 5% of collections for 90+ days old accounts receivable.

Looking to know more about our functional best practices, references on how we make you a profitable medical billing business. Reach out to us and let us share with you, our experience on how we help you become a business with a viable recurring passive residual income opportunity that is one of a kind in the marketplace.