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ICD-10 has completely transformed the world of US health care. Better practices with attention to specific diagnosis and procedure codes will be the model ahead for providers. A medical coder’s role in demystifying the new coding patterns is huge!

Business Opportunities in Medical Coding

It will be a cardinal mistake if you don’t ensure as a practice better processes that will ensure quality medical coding practices. A lot of providers are on a serious hunt for coders that will transform their claims submission with industry requirements. Patient information sharing and prescribed form of treatment have to be interpreted with quality HIPAA standards.

To augment growth and ensuring proper checks and balances is the key for specialty pharmacies as well as primary physicians. Medical coding is a specialized job and a coder today has to constantly upgrade their skill-set to implement better visibility in medical claims. It is providing opportunities for a lot of revenue cycle management companies that look to partner either directly with providers or through franchise form of engagement.

The best part with franchise form of engagement is it provides lucrative business opportunities for aspiring business professionals looking to make it big in the healthcare industry. They get complete assistance with the in-house resources of the RCM partner helping them with an end to end marketing support. It makes the job of the franchisees a lot easier as they can address the pain areas of a provider with a detailed understanding of the best practices followed by the franchise.

With medical coding, it is always important for any ambitious franchisee to first intervene and understand the processes and how the medical coding franchise is looking to add value. One of the key aspects will be the training and self-evaluation process followed.

AAPC and AHIMA offer CPC and CCS certifications and a disciplined revenue cycle management company will take pride in its team of expert coders. Also, key criteria will be to analyze how they eradicate malpractices in down-coding and up-coding that can be dangerous for a provider in the long run. A partner that offers flexibility with streamlined processes that reduces TAT in reimbursements will be beneficial both as a business partner and the value they serve!