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GoTelecare is providing a unique 2 in 1 opportunity for all aspiring channel partners, franchisees. We are a cutting edge medical billing and collections company, also catering state of the art solutions in telemedicine.

As a 100% HIPAA-HITECH Company, we believe in providing complete flexibility and great results with our medical billing services. Also, our competitive solutions in telemedicine will be helping in elevating care management priorities in the best possible manner.

Free marketing, lead generation and training support

All our franchisees, channel partners will be leveraging huge benefits and consistent avenues of earning passive residual income with our disciplined support. We will be your ideal partner in providing great solutions that are reliable with our excellent pre-sales and marketing support. As a powerful healthcare franchise, we will be your ideal choice for a dynamic medical billing business.

All of our franchisees will be assigned dedicated account managers responsible for providing exclusive lead generation support. All our partners will be able to reach out to leads that have a genuine interest in our services.

Also, we will be providing comprehensive training support, helping all our partners to leverage benefits by understanding what difference we bring to the table with our solutions and services. Also, we provide complete liability coverage of $1 million under the Hiscox Insurance for any errors of omission and commission for all our clients.

Great Medical Billing Business Opportunity

We will be paying all the money for a marketing specialist who will be assigned to you. Our channel partners, franchisees can leverage complete account management, training, and marketing support (digital marketing, social media marketing) that are available at zero charges!. We will help in reducing the gap between closures with our dedicated lead generation model, helping you with qualified leads that have a genuine need for our kind of services.

We provide a perfect destination with an integrated solution in telemedicine and medical billing. Yes, that correct! GoTelecare offers something that no other healthcare franchise can offer you. We set the standards with our competitive support offered in pre-sales and marketing, giving you an ideal platform to earn passive residual income in the best possible manner! We are going to provide you the best medical billing business opportunity that no other healthcare franchise does. Leverage the Gotelecare advantage!