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Exclusive support in pre-sales and marketing, GoTelecare is your one stop destination for a great medical billing business. Our credentials stems from the fact that we are one of the pioneer services providers of end to end healthcare revenue cycle management.

    • We are a complete medical billing and collections company, extend great assistance to leading healthcare providers across more than 28 specialties. We are the only healthcare services company, working with leading healthcare payers and providers across the country.
    • A 100% HIPAA compliant company, GoTelecare renders powerful telemedicine solutions that elevate patient care experience for leading practices as well. Our channel partners are going to get excellent support in lead generation, training, pre-sales and marketing, generate consistent avenues of excellent passive residual income.
    • If you are planning to become partners with a powerful healthcare franchise, it is important for you to get an assessment on what are their best practices. Also, a composite action plan of support will be extremely vital for your own as well the franchise’s business chances.
    • Excellent marketing and pre-sales support will only improve your client acquisition efforts and will help you in extending the business potential of the healthcare franchise that you are working with. Also, a quality healthcare franchise will be delivering competitive solutions at attractive prices that help a medical practice in their cost cutting efforts as well.
    • Training has a key role to play in educating the business partners that any progressive healthcare franchise cannot underrate at any point of time. It is important for a healthcare franchise to give excellent training programs, case studies; marketing collaterals that help a franchisee self educate them for a better client acquisition experience.
    • Ultimately, a powerful healthcare franchise will only continue to improve their plan of action with assistance that will improve the growth potential of their partners, extend their profit margins and also ride the growth for their franchise.

GoTelecare offers all the assistance that you need with marketing and pre-sales and a chance to make it big in the medical billing business. Leverage on our opportunity to make it big in the competitive landscape.