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GoTelecare offers you great business possibilities as a dynamic healthcare franchise. You can earn ongoing as well as passive residual income as we have a unique revenue sharing model with no royalty fees or monthly national contribution.

We are the only healthcare franchise that offers a unique 2 in 1 business opportunity with no stringent need for liquid cash. As a next-gen revenue cycle management and telehealth destination, we will be providing you complete pre-sales and marketing support at zero charges.

A powerful Healthcare Franchise

We have been a cutting-edge service partner for leading providers and payers across the country providing them comprehensive solutions in medical billing, claims adjudication and credentialing and telemedicine services. We provide full-fledged support in training that helps the franchisees receive inside-out understanding about their effective value proposition. The best part of working with GoTelecare will always be our excellent lead generation, marketing and pre-sales assistance model.

  • We provide our 360-degree support to our channel partners, franchisees. The entire sign up the amount with us will be exempt from taxes and is deducted while calculating your income tax help you save more! GoTelecare will be providing you best in class support using the latest digital channels and that too at zero charges.
  • As a low cost¬†healthcare business partner, we provide exciting business opportunities and anyone who is willing to announce their presence in the competitive landscape. Dedicated lead generation specialists are assigned to every franchisee, providing them validated leads having a consistent interest in our services. It is true that there are a lot of healthcare franchises in the marketplace. To conclude, a quality revenue cycle management services will be providing an end to end support.

The company will help you with a prompt prior authorization and eligibility verification process, reduce your worries with aging accounts receivable, implement sound rejection management metrics and generate collections by streamlining the entire medical billing process. GoTelecare supports you with excellent marketing collaterals, presentations and case studies being the corporate in full charge of all marketing and pre-sales. If you are looking to know more about our services, get in touch with our team!