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There are a lot of opportunities for individual business entities that can enter into a franchise form of engagement to reach out to healthcare practices. However, the most important asset will be to analyze the real-time value a prominent RCM company will provide in contact centers. It has to be a 360 degree support that is the need of the hour and a strategic vision that betters medical billing and collections.

  • Customer retention is the key! Right from member enrollment and orientation, customer care team must be able to give a consolidated approach leading to better member experience. Franchise form of engagement also gives significant assistance helping RCM companies reach out with their value addition.
  • Affiliate marketing efforts with quality channel partners serve them better business visibility to providers. Simultaneously, a franchisee will be getting a partner that will assist them drive their business growth in best proportions with end to end marketing and training support.
  • Contact center services have witnessed pioneer growth especially with industries that require 24/7 support. The healthcare providers with their dynamic processes, use of disruptive technology devices, mobility and internet of things need quality call centers that can help them extend their outreach. To improve care management, it is pertinent for a provider to improve their customer support.

Quality medical billing and revenue cycle management companies look to add value that helps a provider function effectively. The extra edge provided with operations help a provider gain consistency in business ROI.

Also, it will be important to note that end to end revenue cycle management is only possible if a provider settles their contact center challenges. Right from prior authorization, member eligibility inquiry and report on medical coverage, claim status inquiry and follow-ups to appeals and grievance handling, a practice will need specialized support.

Best Franchise Opportunity Offered by GoTelecare

A quality medical billing and collections company, GoTelecare adds value with its competitive pre-sales and marketing support. All our channel partners, franchisees are able to leverage immense opportunity of earning passive residual income and all the training is provided by us without any charges. We also provide one of the most comprehensive and scalable platforms in telemedicine featuring remote patient monitoring, teleradiology, store and forward, online payment and e-invoices, HD video set up with appointment scheduler ensuring 100% HIPAA compliance and accountability.

Our fully automated system for monitoring critical patient vitals around the clock sends instant alerts whenever a threshold is breached. Also, we are the only healthcare services company that has integrated our telemedicine with complete revenue cycle management solutions! Work with a full-fledged team who will be providing you the best franchise opportunity that you need for sales closures. Partner with us and become a part of a robust healthcare services company that believes in an evolving delivery of care management.