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GoTelecare provides a unique 2 in 1 business opportunity, combining state of the art solutions in revenue cycle management and telemedicine. Our team provides complete pre-sales and marketing assistance, eliminates all the challenge areas with your client acquisition.

We are a proven partner when it comes to providing you the best medical billing business possibility in the competitive landscape. GoTelecare is a competitive solution provider of standout solutions in medical billing that transforms reimbursements for leading healthcare providers and payers across the country.

Also, we provide comprehensive training / marketing action plan that helps with a serious knowledge of our services and how we improve collections for 100’s of clients across the country. Every franchisee, channel partner is assigned a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for providing lead generation assistance, offer you great flexibility with connecting to leads that have a genuine interest in our products and services.

If you are planning to become a part of a healthcare franchise, it is important for you to take note of their functional best practices and how they inspire a team of growth partners that will able to take the strategic vision of the company forward and improve client acquisition. A powerful healthcare franchise will take care of all your priorities while you can focus on bringing the clients on board with the support mechanism in place.

A ready action plan with complete pre-sales and marketing support will be crucial for you as a channel partner. It is important to note that meeting your client acquisition targets will eventually depend on the presales and lead gen support that you receive from your healthcare franchise.

It will give you a distinct road-map on how you can plan your sales strategy with validated lead support in place. A prominent company in healthcare services today will also be offering to their stand-alone solutions that will meet the mandates of the industry.

We offer you the best medical billing business opportunity that helps you make a presence felt in the competitive landscape. Leverage the GoTelecare edge to improve your business chances with a quality corporate taking care of all the marketing/ lead generation/ training assistance.