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Complete support is what makes us different! GoTelecare is a step ahead when it comes to providing you’re the best opportunities with pre-sales and marketing support. We are a complete medical billing and collections company, offering complete solutions that have helped leading healthcare providers, across more than 28 specialties, on a coast to coast basis.

We are the only medical billing company that believes in offering best in class solutions, helping in improving revenue cycle management challenges.

We offer end to end support for all your training, lead generation and account management needs. GoTelecare, believes in working as a family and will be providing you all the support that you need with lead generation and marketing. You will be provided a dedicated account t manager, responsible to provide you validated leads, easier to close, have a genuine interest in your services. We are also a next gen telemedicine solutions providing state of the art solutions in remote patient monitoring devices.

Free marketing and pre-sales support

GoTelecare welcomes you to an exciting opportunity of working with a healthcare services company that combines state of the art telemedicine services with end to end medical billing and collections. Your idea should be to bring a client to us- we sell the client with you, put together all contracts, and do the entire back end billing work and maintain all communication needs! No other medical billing business working in the franchise model of engagement will be offering all of this , with only a one time sign up amount, without any recurring charges.

The perfect Medical Billing Franchise

The GoTelecare advantage will help you with great opportunities in earning residual income with no set up costs involved. You can have a medical billing business of your own by partnering with us. All our clients are covered under liability coverage of $1 million under Hiscox insurance, for any errors of omission and commission.

Our full proof training, dedicated account management support, training is available for you at zero charges. When it comes to integrating telemedicine and medical billing, we are an ultimate healthcare services company. We are the perfect medical billing franchise, which helps you accelerate your business ROI in the best possible manner.