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As a next gen medical billing franchise, GoTelecare is your one stop destination. Our team provides great assistance with marketing and presales that eliminates challenges in earning business dividends in the best possible manner.

We are a powerful medical billing and collections company,providing best in class support to leading healthcare providers across the country. Also, we are working with leading insurance companies of the country,extending our assistance in claims adjudication services. It gives us the edge to provide the best when it comes to meeting a provider’s revenue cycle management challenges in the healthcare space.

Features of our Telemedicine services

• The GoTelecare Telemedicine system has been developed after studying all the major telemedicine platforms in the world. It incorporates the best practices from all of them.

• It has totally virtualized the traditional brick-&-mortar model of providing health consultation as it is provided at conventional clinics

• It is ideal for local Nursing Homes

• Scheduling,medical billing, & collections included

• 100% HIPAA compliant

• It is connected to over 60,000 pharmacies and more than 50,000 laboratories across the US

 Features of our Remote Patient Monitoring services

• Incorporates the best practices from other similar services available around the world

 • Accurately measures and transmits data about a wide range of patient vitals such as EKG,Pulse, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Temperature and SpO2 (or Oxygen saturation in blood, using Pulse Oximeter)

• 100% HIPAA compliant

• Seamlessly integrated with GoTelecare’s Telemedicine service

• Ideal for home healthcare scenarios where the patient cannot travel to, or receive care,in a formal healthcare establishment

Features of our revenue cycle management services

• Over 7years’ experience in adjudicating claims for major health insurance companies in New York and California

• Up to 97%collection from claims, even from aging Accounts Receivables

• Instant70% reduction in billing & operational cost, when providers switch over to GoTelecare

• Excellent references from top health insurance Payers & healthcare Providers from across the US

• Quick and error-free operations using Rapid Automation Technology

• ICD-10coding with more than 99% accuracy

• 100% HIPAA compliant operations We offer channel partners, franchisees unprecedented support, offer seamless consistency with account management,training and pre-sales support. Reach out to GoTelecare for finding your self the best medical billing franchise opportunity in the country!