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Even in a business relationship, the fear of failing keeps us away from a full time commitment! It is true that there are huge amount of franchise and business opportunities out in the marketplace. How do you know, you have identified the good one? The difference between a realistic and unrealistic business opportunity, you have to know the right alternative!

Excellent marketing and pre-sales support will be a key attribute for any advanced healthcare franchise these days. Marketing collaterals, a composite best practices toolkit will be giving a clear indication on how the healthcare franchise has been clinical in their assistance to a medical practice for eliminating proven practice management challenges. GoTelecare offers great healthcare franchise opportunities with stand out solutions in medical billing services and state of the art solutions in telehealth/ remote patient monitoring devices.

Get started quickly for excellent growth potential!

We provide you with complete on the job training and support and help you in your sales with our complete lead generation, account management, and marketing support. We are an expert healthcare franchise that provides exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee.

Any channel partner that signs up with us will be assigned a new franchisee with a dedicated sales assistant or lead generation expert who will supply potential leads that can easily be converted into clients by the franchisees.

Save more with GoTelecare!

You will be able to save more with GoTelecare as the entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes. While calculating your income tax, the entire amount is deductible helping you to save more with a healthcare franchise like us! Over the last decade, we have been a pioneer healthcare services company providing standalone support to our clients with end to end revenue cycle management and telemedicine assistance.

GoTelecare has developed a strong best practices guide with expert account management standards and handling of aging accounts for improved collections. Our team performs task specific functions in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

We have the perfect plan for you as a healthcare franchise. Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity for unsurpassed business ROI.