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Today for those who are looking for a successful opportunity and rewarding future, starting a medical billing franchise is the perfect chance with the benefit of working within the comfort of home as well or small office.

And GoTelecare is here to make the process easy.

Helping you be the best in the industry by providing the right opportunity, GoTelecare today working for more than a decade is the best trusted and successful medical billing franchise option in the industry. In fact, being the only RCM organization with a unique 2 in 1 combination of perfect state of art medical billing and telemedicine solution gives you the added advantages.

In fact partnering with us for medical billing franchise, you can experience the profit of:

♦ The Highest productivity metrics in the market
♦ Reduction in operational cost by 80%
♦ Complete operational transparency and customized reporting for better feedback and operation transparency
$1/$3 Million liability insurance support for any errors of omission & commission under HISCOX / GEICO
100% HIPAA compliance
♦ No cost dedicated account manager for your help
♦ Thirty days of free trial and no binding contract

Furthermore, offering a flexible working space, GoTelecare ensuring 1-on-1 training and business strategies to help your business grow also providing you with the perfect plan, marketing collateral and customized presentation based on your requirements as well. In fact, partnering with us requires no special training or even previous training, as we are here providing complete back end support from the scratch.

With instant credibility and excellent references, GoTelecare no royalty fees business model offers industry-leading profit margins. Providing all the needed complete pre-sales support including marketing materials, training, materials etc for your business growth, our experts work on ensuring support for sales closure. Offering validated leads which make it easier to close and help your business to grow etc, our experts help you earn 20% of the top-line on a continuous basis which will be 50% of the top line.

So if you are thinking for a better business opportunity in the medical billing franchise sector, GoTelecare is the right opportunity to help your business grow with faster ROI rate.