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Unique 2 in 1 medical billing business opportunity with the GoTelecare edge! We have niche presence and currently deliver our proactive support to leading healthcare providers for a streamlined RCM experience. Our team offers our pre and post billing services to providers cutting across more than 28 specialties. Also, we offer cutting edge services in telemedicine, reducing cumulative wait times and improving patient experience for reduced costs in operations.

Currently, we are working with top names in DME, HME, O&P, urgent care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, emergency room services, radiology centers, physician practices, Drug and substance abuse centers, physical therapy set ups, ambulance services and many more. Also, we work with insurance companies; TPA’s extending claims adjudication services. This makes us unique as we work with both the provider and payer side of the healthcare business.

GoTelecare as a medical billing business offer great consistency, great standards of productivity and have over 100’s of clients for supporting client acquisitions for the licensees. With no binding contracts and with $1/3 million liability insurance support for any errors of omission & commission under Hiscox/Geico , with a one- time sign up amount, you can leverage our unparalleled training, lead generation, account management support complete free of any additional expenses.

Our licensees are currently earning over $40,000 a month as a residual income and for any acquisition; you will be entitled to 20% of the top line which will be equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing model. If you are looking for great ROI with a medical billing business, offering powerful growth possibilities, partner with GoTelecare.

Our team is just a call away! Let us share our best practices on how we offer you a viable growth possibility with a reliable medical billing business. GoTelecare is a complete healthcare services company, offering robust possibilities of making it big in the competitive landscape.

There are absolutely no recurring costs in training, installation or operational set up and we offer unparalleled support at no further expenses in marketing, pre-sales and account management. You are just a call away from getting to know more about a profitable medical billing business opportunity.