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The sector involving healthcare franchise has seen an unprecedented rate of growth. For the last 20 years, the number of medical billing franchises have increased almost by 20 times. According to pundits, compared to a fast food chain, healthcare franchise brings higher volumes of revenue with lower investments.

As an entrepreneur or someone who is looking for opportunities in healthcare, choosing a business that offers long term growth is going to be critical. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 14.3 million people are working in the healthcare industry with the number doubling in the next ten years.

The medical billing industry is surely going to get bigger with changing laws, rising rates of improper payments and denials and crisis in finding qualified resources offering a full service approach. It is critical to note that telemedicine growth has expounded abnormally with more focus on virtual solutions than ever before in the last five months.

RPM devices are going to propel the growth of telehealth solutions are providers will actively be looking for services that will help them reach out to a larger patient base, depend less on in person visits, deliver support and receive the same rates of reimbursements. Surely, telemedicine business opportunity will be one of the most in demand at this point of time.

GoTelecare : Unique Healthcare Franchise set up

If you are looking to work with GoTelecare, be rest assured that you are partnering with a healthcare franchise offering both telemedicine and medical billing services under one roof. No other healthcare services company offers the kind of support as we do. Our team will be delivering you all the assistance with pre-sales marketing, training and installation and there is no recurring or overhead charges.

We sell to the client with you, offer niche presence , help you with references and a 20% of the top line that too on an ongoing basis. If you are looking to be your own boss, GoTelecare extends the near perfect healthcare franchise opportunity this season. We welcome you to become a part of our family and experience robust growth possibilities.