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Many healthcare organizations are finding business success, lower operational benefits with simple telemedicine solutions that connect them to even the remotest of patients. It is true that adopting technology sometimes can be a steep curve.

One of the biggest challenges today for a practice is how to address as well as lower readmission rates. Overcoming the geographic distance between the physicians and the patients, reducing challenges with medical staff shortage and improving patient access to quality care with the right provider at the right point of time is the need of the hour in US healthcare.

The need to implement a realistic value-based care with streamlined telemedicine solutions has had a positive impact on both the patients and the healthcare organizations. Telemedicine likely offers a great platform and an easier method to render follow up care to the patients.

GoTelecare offers comprehensive medical billing and collections support with coding, charge posting, claims submission, payment posting, denial management and accounts receivable recovery assistance. We are a next-gen revenue cycle management company that offers standalone medical billing and collections support.

Our practice management assistance will involve scheduling, eligibility verification, prior authorization services and customer care. In fact, we are the only organization that is working with both payers and providers and have great credentials. We provide our specialized services to payers that involve claims adjudication, credentialing, utilization management as well as customer care.

State of the art Telemedicine platforms

We help our clients ease their care management priorities and reduce cumulative patient wait times. Our comprehensive telemedicine platform features remote patient monitoring devices, teleradiology, store and forward mechanism with information, online payment, e-invoices, HD video with a dedicated appointment scheduler. . We have incorporated the best practices of leading telehealth technologies and strive for constant innovation. As a 100% HIPAA compliant company, GoTelecare offers streamlined telemedicine support that integrates with an end to end revenue cycle management solutions.

The GoTelecare partnership advantage

We have a great revenue sharing model with no royalty fees or national contribution involved. The entire sign up amount with us is exempt from tax helping you save more! GoTelecare is providing an exciting healthcare franchise opportunity as a low-cost healthcare business partner. We are looking for entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, doctors and anyone looking to make their presence felt in the competitive landscape.

We are providing you a unique 2 in1 healthcare franchise opportunity with no hard requirements for liquid cash. You can earn ongoing passive residual income from recurring patient consultations and billing services. We are the only company that is offering all the pre-sales and marketing support to you at zero charges Yes, you heard it right! Our comprehensive support with the use of digital channels will optimize your business potential. Get in touch with our team, learn our business model and earn an excellent opportunity to partner with a successful healthcare franchise!