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The Macro Final rule provided huge incentive to the telemedicine market. Hurricanes like Harvey and Irma also impacted the lifeline and boosted the need for telehealth. Telehealth systems like Nemours and Livehealth Systems contributed hugely to help patients.

  • The CMS rule made it even easier for a provider to bill these consults. A remote consultation for even pre mature infants, newborns that may have diseases in respiration is handled better with telemedicine. It just makes the way for a further extension of adopting value based care in the truest sense.
  • Implementation of telehealth programs are on a rise and have to be further taken forward, of course with the correct alternative, permutations and combinations.
  • Thanks to the federal mindset, more accountable performance from the provider is important to maintain equilibrium.
  • Ironically, Medicare and Medicaid cuts will ask them to take steps to reduce their operational costs. Telemedicine offers them the tool by which they can improve patient care, reduce costs.

The healthcare services industry at large is going to offer great opportunities ahead for the service providers. It will be a serious advantage to start a great business by working in a franchise model, giving you serious chances for success. A home healthcare franchise, a quality services company with a clear vision for next gen healthcare delivery can earn you more!

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