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Teladoc clearly suggested that by 2018 nearly seventy-six percent of the health systems and hospitals in the US will either have in place or will be implementing a consumer telehealth program! Many healthcare organizations are finding business success, lower operational benefits with simple telemedicine solutions that connect them to even the remotest of patients.

Reducing challenges with medical staff shortage and improving patient access to quality care with the right provider at the right point of time is the need of the hour in US healthcare! Eliminating geographic barriers with state of the art telemedicine solutions is a must for the progress to a pragmatic value based care. Telemedicine is not only a solution to remote patients that have difficulty in access to care or specialists, it is also suitable for those patients who find it hard to fit a doctor visit into their busy schedule.

Also, pertinent medical billing services that improved your ROI in the best possible manner is vital. If you are looking for a profitable business option in the Medical billing franchise business, GoTelecare will be your one stop destination. Over the years, we have been clinical in our performance as a disciplined revenue cycle management and telehealth company working with over 100 clients with admirable distinction.

Our functional best practices, credentials as a disciplined healthcare Services Company is top class and you will surely leverage the benefits that we offer you as our channel partner! We are offering the best medical billing business for sale in Texas. We will also be providing you a comprehensive training assistance that will help you in understand our difference, best practices and quality of services offered. The best part, as a dynamic Medical billing franchise, we will be offering you all the support at zero charges!

GoTelecare will be providing you excellent back end support with the help of dedicated account managers who will be responsible in providing you validated leads that will be easier to close. Moreover, our marketing team will be working with you in close liaison, using the latest digital channels and will help you in extending our value proposition in the best possible manner. Accelerate your growth with a trendsetter organization like GoTelecare. We are looking for promising channel partners, franchisees that will be working with us as a part of our medical billing business for sale in Texas.