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Today outsourcing of medical billing services is a growing business that has a lot of new opportunities for the new aspirant looking for efficient revenue generation. In fact, partnering with the right medical billing franchise not only can give you chances to grow your business but also a chance for ample cash flow.

How GoTelecare is the perfect medical billing franchise option?

Providing you with the required material like pre-sales, marketing collateral, extensive assistance with lead generation, account management and training as well as presentations according to client’s specific needs for lead generation; GoTelecare platform improves your chances of winning over clients.

Ensuring a training facility at no additional costs that help you understand the services, target area; our experts offer actionable support at a onetime sign up amount with little or no overhead charges.

In fact, being a unique 2 in 1 opportunity combining medical billing and state-of-the-art telemedicine services featuring remote patient monitoring, the GoTelecare platform offers a 20% of the topline and that too on an ongoing basis. Giving you a huge boost to your business profits: GoTelecare platform also offers the additional benefit of:

  • ♦ Working at your own convenient time and space which can be within the comfort of your home
  • ♦ Premium location to hunt
  • ♦ No excessive monthly software fees
  • ♦ No additional franchise fee
  • ♦ Pre-sales customized marketing materials
  • ♦ Complete training process provided by our experts
  • ♦ Efficient Cash flow

In fact, as healthcare providers delivering actionable support in providing seamless billing operation and being a cost effective RCM organization reducing their operational cost while improving their collection rate, GoTelecare is the ideal medical billing solution helping you with your requirement.

Being an ultimate medical billing destination with benefits like no cost dedicated account managers and a unique revenue sharing medical billing franchise opportunity, we today are looking for channel partners, franchisees who can extend our value proposition in the healthcare industry / market.

So if you are looking for an opportunity in the healthcare industry, GoTelecare platform is the perfect destination.