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A platform with a combination of end to end revenue cycle management solutions and telemedicine services, GoTelecare medical billing franchise is an opportunity where new aspirants can earn a continuous residual income of more than $40,000 to start with; which no other franchise can offer.

Being a platform that caters to more than 28 specialties starting from DME, HME infusion billing, long term care facility billing, CPAP & BIPAP billing, ambulance billing, urgent care, physician billing and many more, we help our clients further with an 80% reduction in the operational expenses. Eliminating practice management loopholes and all the billing, coding and collection errors, our experts further work on maintaining an accuracy level of 99.9% accuracy rate following complete HIPAA compliant.

In fact, taking care of your complete medical pre and post billing responsibility including ensuring of proper and correct documentation through proper doctor office follow-up, stringent checks in before claims submission to improve your collection rate and even managing your old aging accounts receivable as old as three years, our experts take care of all while working towards a seamless billing process and securing highest collection rate and faster reimbursement rate.

Helping you focus more on patient care, we today are the leading RCM solution with excellent industry references and the highest productivity metrics in the market. In fact, partnering with us for franchise business further adds to your advantages as with our revenue sharing model which is a 50:50 and a 20% of the top line on an ongoing basis which requires no huge investment is a win-win situation. Being exempt from any kind of royalty fees, monthly national contribution or even no ongoing overhead costs etc, we further help you with complete back end support with all marketing collaterals and training which will help your business to grow. With exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee, we are a medical billing franchise opportunity with great possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Leverage GoTelecare services and build a brighter and successful future ahead. For more information, call our experts over a no commitment call.