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A great business opportunity at your doorstep! Work at your own hours without any burden of recurring costs, earn unlimited profits with the GoTelecare advantage! Currently, we are a next gen medical billing franchise; working with leading providers and payers, extending state of the art services that improves practice management experience and ensures a better recovery of cash through streamlined medical billing services at the best rates in the market place.

Our automated RCM services encompass:
♦ 80% reduction in current billing cost…instantly
♦ We charge only 5% of entire accounts receivable
♦ 100’s of excellent references
♦ No binding contracts
♦ Errors of Omission & Commission Insurance support from Hiscox/Geico (Liability Cover of $1 million)

We are your ultimate medical billing franchise and as licensees, franchisees and channel partners, you will be entitled to:
♦ No recurring costs in operations, training & installation, interface set up
♦ Free account management/ pre-sales and marketing support
♦ 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis
♦ A 50:50 revenue sharing model

Our full range of support, dedicated account management, customized reporting best practices are of the top draw. We have a great pool of medical billers and coders , versatile across all major billing systems and offer you tailored assistance. The best part of becoming a GoTelecare partner, is that with a onetime sign up amount, with no accruing costs , you will entitled to a tangible passive residual income on a monthly basis.

Let us share our best practices, ideas and business model over a no commitment call! Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity in the medical billing franchise business. We believe to make a difference in the healthcare landscape and increase our footprint with you becoming a part of the GoTelecare family.