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As a complete healthcare services company, GoTelecare welcomes you to one of the most promising opportunities in the competitive landscape. We combine state of the art telemedicine platform with a cutting edge remote patient monitoring service and a fully automated revenue cycle management solution. The best part of working with us as a medical billing business partner will be their end to end pre-sales and marketing approach which is quiet unique in the marketplace.

The GoTelecare edge over the other competitors

There are no future ongoing costs involved in operations with GoTelecare. Also, there are no fees in training and installation as well as interface set up. As a powerful medical billing business, GoTelecare offers dedicated account management, marketing support at no additional costs. Combining a unique 2 in 1 business opportunity, we extend superior support at the best rates in the marketplace.

Our Fully Automated Revenue cycle management solution

♦ Reducing billing and collections cost by 70%
♦ Boosting collections by 97%
♦ 100% HIPAA-HITECH compliant
♦ Turnaround time less than 48 hours
♦ 100’s of excellent references
♦ There is no binding contracts
♦ Errors of Omission & Commission insurance support from Hiscox/Geico ( Liability cover of $1 million)
As a medical billing business with a difference, currently Sunknowledge licensees are earning more than $40,000 a month as a residual income. For any client acquisition, as a channel partner, you will be entitled to
♦ 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis which will be equivalent to 50:50 sharing

Large number of industry leaders in the healthcare landscape is joining us as we are the only medical billing business that provides a revenue sharing model which is quite unique in the marketplace. A one -time sign up amount, GoTelecare will be entitling you for exceptional growth opportunities. We welcome you to a one of a kind business opportunity with a host of solutions in RCM and telemedicine , working with a large number of healthcare providers cutting across more than 28 specialties. Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity and work with a company that offers you the best medical billing business opportunity in the country.