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A disciplined healthcare franchise, GoTelecare is your go-to partner for exciting business opportunities. We are the best low-cost business partner that provides a powerful platform to all our franchisees with great growth potential.

We combine terrific solutions in telemedicine with dynamic revenue cycle management solutions! We welcome any healthcare professionals, doctors, entrepreneurs as well as any business entity that are willing to be a part of a great business model!

GoTelecare helps you save better!

GoTelecare offers you great avenues to save more! The entire healthcare franchise fee is completely exempt from taxes. Over the last ten years, we have been offering tailored medical billing and telemedicine solutions to leading providers in the healthcare space with admirable recognition and credentials.

We provide you with dedicated account management assistance

All our franchisees are provided complete pre-sales and marketing assistance! Using the latest digital channels, we will be providing you validated leads which make it easier to close business. Business managers will be working with you in liaison and will be your lead generation originator. We will be providing you with on- the- job training complete set of marketing and best practices collaterals during all stages of the sales cycle. The best part, all our support is available to you at zero charges with no hidden costs!

A 360-degree revenue cycle management company

GoTelecare is currently working with over 100 clients, both providers, and payers. We provide our dedicated practice management, medical billing, claims adjudication, credentialing assistance to our clients. Our stand-alone services will help your clients lay down effective checks and balances that will help them secure better reimbursements and lower their billing costs by 80%. We guarantee best in class denial management and accounts receivable recovery assistance that helps clients increase their collections by 97%.

Stand-alone telemedicine for operational excellence

We are an end to end telemedicine company offering robust and scalable platforms that reduce cumulative patient wait times. We believe in a next-gen healthcare delivery model that will integrate telemedicine with real-time remote patient monitoring devices, teleradiology support, store and forward technology, a simple appointment scheduler with online payment and e-invoices help as a 100% HIPAA compliant organization.

A fully automated interface, GoTelecare’s telehealth systems monitor patient vitals continuously and send alerts on an instant basis whenever the threshold limit is breached at any given point in time. Clients will be easing their operational challenges and patient outreach with our tailored telemedicine support.

Reach out to learn more about creating a lucrative healthcare franchise in your home town! Our team will give you a complete outline of our partnership details! find out how to and leverage the GoTelecare advantage!