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Even though the healthcare franchise is one of the booming businesses or industry and chances of recession associated with such business is highly negligible, it is important to be careful while selecting the right franchise option if you are thinking it for business opportunity and further growth.

GoTelecare: The Perfect Healthcare Franchise Opportunity:

Eliminating you from stress, a ruined environment, lifestyle, etc, GoTelecare not only gives you to work at your own convenient time at your own convenient place but also helps with all the necessary support that you need for growing your business ROI.
Paving your way towards successful measures with exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee, GoTelecare platform also offers ZERO operational headaches.

How GoTelecare is different from other Healthcare Franchise?

Our clients are covered under Hiscox insurance, with liability coverage of $ 1 million for any errors of omission and commission.
The entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes and no monthly royalty payments
Exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee
We have the highest productivity metrics in the industry
A complete HIPAA compliance platform

In fact, partnering with GoTelecare healthcare franchise you get the benefit of free account management / pre-sales and marketing support and even a dedicated sale assistant or lead generation expert customizing your presentation according to your requirement and also providing you with needed marketing collaterals.

With 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis which is equivalent to a 50: 50 profit sharing and a monthly income as high as $ 40,000 as residual income, we are a platform with a proven growth model with great business potential.

With no recurring costs in operations, training & installation interface set up, GoTelecare is, in fact, a platform with a unique combination of telemedicine and medical billing solution giving you more opportunity for your business extension.

So if you are looking for a seamless healthcare franchise to start a business and flourish in the healthcare domain, GoTelecare healthcare franchise is the perfect destination with excellent industry references.