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Drive your growth with a perfect medical billing business possibility. GoTelecare is a one stop destination for stand out support as a complete healthcare franchise. If your franchise is dealing in quality medical billing and telehealth services and is also making serious efforts in helping you with their dedicated marketing and pre-sales support, it is more likely that you will get a genuine roadmap to ride and bring on board clients by leveraging their hand on expertise and skill set in the best possible manner.

GoTelecare provides best possible support in pre-sales and marketing, ensure a passive residual income that transforms your business fortune. We provide performs task specific activities in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Also, we are a cutting edge service provider of telemedicine/RPM devices.

The best part of working with a medical billing franchise like GoTelecare is that we extend exclusive support to all our partners in pre-sales and marketing. We will be assigning dedicated account managers, provide you with all the necessary marketing collaterals that you need for sharing information with the prospects. Also, our robust process of lead generation will help you in reaching out to leads that have a genuine interest in our services.

With only a one time sign up fee, GoTelecare has no recurring expenses. Our channel partners, franchisees will be eligible for full time training and a whole range of support in lead generation, marketing, training and pre-sales. Currently, we take pride in our broad footprint of working with leading providers across more than 28 specialties that include: : DME’s, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Dermatology, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Specialty clinics and pharmacies, Physician practices, radiology centers, Cardiology, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy and many more!

Looking to earn serious income! We are just a call away! The only medical billing business with a complete set of activities! Our team works with you, offer seamless possibilities of earning extra income.