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It is true that the moment for telemedicine has finally arrived! With CMS expanding 100% coverage of telemedicine services for all visits, healthcare providers will be able to extend clinical services easier over in person visits. Telemedicine will be covering an increasing number of conditions in the coming days and there is little doubt that virtual form of visits are a powerful medium to negate exposure and treat patients at the comfort of their homes by eliminating geographic boundaries.

Through a dedicated network of medical facilities and professionals, GoTelecare extends complete telehealth support overcoming demographic challenges and extends hassle free communication between patients and providers. Our program lets patients get linked to healthcare facilities and avail consultations from healthcare professionals without any form of scheduling delays.

We firmly believe that Telemedicine is surely going to be the future of healthcare delivery! We are offering an excellent opportunity for doctors who will be working with us and can avail our telemedicine services free for the next three months. Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity to:

♦ Improve patient engagement
♦ Lower operational costs
♦ Reduce physician wait times
♦ Increase ratio of patient visits

“We Have Perfected the Tele-health World”

Our Stand out Features Include:
♦ Remote Patient Monitoring (mHealth)
♦ Tele-Radiology
♦ Store & Forward
♦ Online Payment & E invoices
♦ HD Video with Appointment scheduler
♦ HIPAA Compliance

Fully Automated/ Around the Clock Monitoring of Patient Vitals Such as:
♦ Remote EKG
♦ Remote Pulse
♦ Remote Spo2
♦ Remote Blood Pressure
♦ Remote Blood Glucose
♦ Remote Temperature

Now your patients don’t have to visit the doctor’s office. We offer you unparalleled consistency with our telehealth support. The best part, we are a complete revenue cycle management services company and offer billing and collections support as well for our telehealth services. Leverage the GoTelecare telemedicine opportunity right now!