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It is true that the healthcare world opens up a Pandora of opportunities ahead for aspiring business owners who are looking to make their presence felt. Solutions in virtual health , medical billing services remain in high demand among providers who are already under huge pressure with patient intake and managing them. Shortage of quality resources are also a huge challenge area for a lot of them.

Franchise model of engagement still remains one of the most exciting possibilities of growth. A quality healthcare franchise can add huge value to your business chances. However, knowing the right alternative that will suit your needs, what are their support mechanisms and revenue sharing approach will be critical questions that needs answers.

It will help you assess the market and choose your healthcare franchise in the most appropriate manner. If someone has excellent credentials, takes pride in their references and model of engagement and has been there for quite sometime, it can boost your fortunes immensely.

GoTelecare : The Complete Healthcare Franchise

Offering tailored support in medical billing and telemedicine, GoTelecare is a market leaders as a disciplined healthcare services company. We currently have a unique presence and are working with more than 100’s of clients and that too across 28 specialties. We believe in working as our client’s operational arm and have a unique presence among both payers and providers. Also, we offer a revenue sharing model, support mechanism which is rare in the market place.

We provide almost 20% of the top line and that too on an ongoing basis. All our franchisees are provided lead generation, pre-sales and marketing support using the latest techniques. Also, we will be providing a comprehensive training to all our channel partners at no additional costs and by paying only a one time sign up amount. Our unique 2 in 1 opportunity will help you expand or explore your business horizons. Moreover, we are the only healthcare franchise that sell to the client with our partners. After the client is brought on board , keeping them is our responsibility.