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Providing an enormous opportunity for people looking into the medical billing franchise, outsourced medical billing is one of the emerging businesses with market value projected to go from $6.3 billion in 2015 to $16 billion by 2024.

Things to know when you are starting a Medical Billing Franchise:

No experience necessary – starting a medical billing franchise is not a big issue anymore, as medical billing business does not require any previous experience in healthcare or any other special training /licenses in any case; making it easy for every new aspirants.

Convenient structure – offering flexible timing opportunity and freedom to work from anywhere, anytime at your own convenience be it from home or office, this platform gives you the complete freedom.

Enormous income – being a lucrative industry, partnering with the right medical billing franchise not only offers a great profit margin but also 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis which is equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing; in fact, GoTelecare medical billing franchise is one such option.

Why GoTelecare is a better option to start a Medical Billing Franchise:

Providing you with 1 on 1 training, a business development plan and a customized presentation based on your needs and requirement, the GoTelecare is a unique platform with a combination of telemedicine and medical billing solution along with professional branding for instant credibility.

Providing you with every element that you needed to get started on the right track like:

Free account management / pre-sales and marketing support whenever necessary according to clients needs and protocol, (customized )
Franchisee that signs up with us will be assigned a new franchisee with a dedicated sales assistant or lead generation expert
Complete support in errors of Omission & Commission from Hiscox / Geico with a liability cover of $1 million.
The entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes and no monthly royalty payments
ZERO operational headache!
Complete on the job training and support and help you in your sales
Exclusive lead generation assistance for every franchisee

GoTelecare today helping you save more money also provide robust reporting with complete compliance and comprehensive operational accountability.

So if you are looking for an opportunity or a support to grow your medical billing business option, we are just a call away!