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Are you looking for an emerging, tech-driven healthcare business opportunity which is easy to join and has excellent growth prospects? The US healthcare market is inundated with lucrative business opportunities to sign up for. Then, you also need to be a staunch follower of the trendiest business opportunities for DME sales reps/agents, which are doing rounds in the virtual world. Needless to say, the US healthcare industry is one of the most sought-after segments to be commended. To keep pace with the age of ‘Internet of Things’, some leading medical billing companies are coming forward with excellent and dynamic business opportunities.

Making money with little effort is always an idea worth pursuing, and DME sales reps/agents are no different. To keep up with ongoing shifts in healthcare business opportunities, medical billing companies are unveiling some profitable avenues for DME sales reps in various areas of the US. The comprehensive approach and the well-planned engagement models, focus on DME businesses with specialized skill-sets. This smart effort will help to gain a momentum in your way of client servicing.

Catering to the existing network of DME clients will leverage business opportunity to the core, while servicing them. This can be termed as a virtualized brick-and-mortar version of practice management, the companies are encouraging. Besides, it also streamlines the entire revenue cycle management glitches. As DME billing & coding is one of most prominent segments in the entire medical billing scene, it needs a detailed scrutiny.

Let’s take quick tour of how a typical opportunity works for DME sales reps/agents:

  • By simply referring medical billing and coding services to their regular clients, participating DME sales reps can earn rewarding commissions which can go up to 10%, for the entire life of the project. In many cases, customized and ready-to-use marketing materials, along with pre-sales support, are provided for maximizing results. The core model is a simple one, viz. to make money by helping healthcare providers reduce their billing and collection cost by a significant percentage within a really short span of time.
  • The business model has excellent growth prospects as healthcare is an eternal segment. An opportunity like this could just be the right drive for dynamic and ambitious DME sales reps to roll up their sleeves and start earning more, without any extra sweat.